Executive Vice-President of ITRI

Dr. Chang received his PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Cornell University. His expertise includes Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Electromagnetic Mechanical Systems, and Superconductor Mechanics. Dr. Chang considers innovation the key to industrial development in Taiwan, emphasizing the connection among basic research, applied research and technical development. He believes that strengthening applied research that bridges academic research and industrial application will revive Taiwan’s economy and raise its competitiveness. By taking the position at ITRI, he will contribute all he can to enhance the operation of ITRI and spur industrial development.

During Dr. Chang’s tenure at the National Taiwan University (NTU), he also served as Secretary-General and Spokesperson for the University. Later, he established the NSC Northern Region MEMS Research Center, NTU-ITRI Nanotechnology Center, and NTU’s Center of Industrial-Academic Cooperation. He was also the Consultant of Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Science and Technology Group of the Executive Yuen.

Dr. Chang has a thorough background in academia, administration and industry. He published more than 170 articles in academic journals and conferences; owns several domestic and overseas patents; received the honor of Outstanding Engineering Professor by the Chinese Institute of Engineers and Outstanding Teaching Award by National Taiwan University.